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About MBU

In an industry where change is constant,
we are always striving towards making the complex - SIMPLE

For years, MBU has assisted numerous medical providers in managing their accounts receivable. MBU is a company devoted to improving outcomes for medical providers and the patients they serve. MBU provides solutions for physicians, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations. MBU strives to enable practitioners to reach their maximum earning potential with respect to operational, financial, and clinical outcomes through a full circle approach.
MBU continues to become the premier strategic operations partner for the healthcare community, providing value to our clients and other stakeholders, and helping them to improve the health of the communities they serve.
Our office is based entirely on a systematic approach to billing. Our dedicated and professional staff is organized by department and each of our clients is assigned an account manager who in turn has support staff to assist in registration, account follow-ups, appeals, denials, aging, and day to day tasks.

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What our clients are saying

  • “Our long standing relationship with MBU has made us very pleased.”

  • “MBU is doing a great job.”

  • “Working with MBU was the best decision we ever made.”

  • “I have had a wonderful experience with MBU.”  

  • “I am very pleased with MBU. Everything is working out fluently.”

  • “MBU’s availability is excellent. They are always on top of everything.”  

  • “I am very happy with MBU. They are quite professional and very responsive.”

  • “We have been able to put our full trust in MBU ever since we started about 20 years ago.”  

  • “I can call MBU directly to solve any issue. We work well together and get things done.”

  • “MBU is wonderful with their on-time reports and answers to any questions we may have.”

  • “MBU is a very good company. They are very receptive to any questions the doctor may have.”

  • “MBU has great response time. They are quick to respond to any issue.”

  • “Overall, MBU is excellent!”  

  • “MBU is excellent with everything and is very helpful with any questions.”

  • “Very good with MBU. The employees have great personalities and know what they are doing.”

  • “Very, very pleased with MBU. They were awesome, kind and I give them an A++. Very good communication.”

  • “MBU is excellent, they are great to work with. We have meetings once a month to take care of any issues. We work really well together!”

  • “MBU is accessible all the time. I cannot say enough good things about them.”  

  • “MBU takes care of problems as they come up and are very knowledgeable.”

  • “MBU is great to talk to, good at communication, and understanding. We like MBU very much.”  

  • “MBU is a very nice and professional company. They answer questions and provide everything that is needed such as reports, billing information, etc.”

  • “Very, very happy with MBU. They are very polite and treat clients and employees wonderfully. MBU is available when Dr. Bilbao calls.”

  • “We appreciate MBU very much. They are receptive to input. The employees’ attitudes are great. They are very helpful!”

  • “MBU’s employees are great communicators, availability is very good! They help with any questions left away.”  

  • “MBU is very efficient, detail oriented, and very good at communication!”

  • “MBU has done my billing for over 22 years . . . . all I can say is WOW!”

  • “MBU changed our view on what a medical billing company should be providing. MBU keeps track of the revenue and shows us how to improve our numbers. That's important.”

  • “MBU is a simple and obvious solution to increasing your revenue” 

  • “You’ll do better than what you’re doing today with MBU. . . . I challenge you to put them to the test”

  • “Here's my personal recommendation. MBU will obsess over the outcomes that matter to your practice”  

  • "MBU has made an incredible difference in our practice. Our initial fears were quickly overcome by MBU's professionalism and bottom line results. Our only regret is not using them sooner."

  • “MBU has helped facilitate our process with insurance collections leaving my staff more time for more important duties such as patient care”

  • “MBU always goes the extra mile to ensure my claims are billed and paid quickly. It makes my life easier not having to worry about my billing.”

  • Dennis Robbins, CRNA


  • Helena Vadi-Latiff, M.D.


  • Jorge Kareh, M.D.


  • Sandra Rocha, M.D.

    Family Medicine

  • Pedro Ortega, M.D.

    Family Medicine

  • Andrew Dand, CRNA


  • William Boushka, M.D.


  • Thomas Cunningham, M.D.


  • Christine Brandl, M.D.


  • Robert Dominguez, CRNA


  • Jignesh Patel, M.D.


  • John Guggedahl, M.D.


  • Antonio Soegaard, M.D.


  • Kevin Bright, M.D.


  • Patricia Davis, M.D.


  • Joel Ehler, CRNA


  • Mohammed Al-Najjar, M.D.

    Internal Medicine

  • Stacy Steans, M.D.

    Pediatric Interventionist

  • Angel Garcia, M.D.

    Family Medicine

  • David Turbay, M.D.


  • Rita Forhan, CRNA


  • Jorge Bilbao, M.D.


  • F.T. Dean, M.D.


  • Carlos Loubriel, M.D.


  • Ambrose Aboud, M.D.

    Internal Medicine

  • Mark Wegleitner, M.D.


  • Xavier Munoz, D.O.

    Family Practice

  • Ediberto Soto-Cora, M.D.


  • Arturo Casillas, M.D.


  • Jorge Arango, M.D.


  • Alejandro Rocha, M.D.

    Family Practice

  • Angel Rios, M.D.


  • Eric E. Sides, M.D.

    Orthopedic Surgeon

Questions to ask
before choosing a
    • How long they have been in business?
    • Are they locally owned and operated?
    • Ask if owners are involved in daily operations
    • Ask them about their safeguards from loss of revenue
    • Ask them about their Professional on-going training
    • Ask them about their onsite industry I.T. support
    • Ask them about custom financial reporting and profitability
    • Ask them about their specialty specific training of their billers
    • Ask them about their Certified Coding Audit Support
    • How do they plan to streamline your billing?
    • What is their employee retention rate?
    • Ask them about their Client Care Department
    • Ask them about their Accountability Clause
    • What are their success stories?
    • How many years of experience does the biller have?
    • How will my biller help me increase my revenue?
    • What is the specialty specific training my biller has received?
    • How can my biller manage daily tasks, denials and follow-ups?
    • How can the biller help with the growth of my practice?
    • Ask them about their experience with data analysis and custom financial reporting
    • How am I going to respond to I.T. issues? What can my biller do to minimize downtime?
    • Who is going to be accountable for loss of revenue?
    • How do they plan to streamline my billing process?
    • How does my biller guarantee uninterrupted revenue cycle?
    • How much time will I invest managing the billing?

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