About us

About Us

In an industry where change is constant, we are always striving towards making the complex – SIMPLE.

MBU has been proudly serving physicians and the healthcare community since 1992.

For years, MBU has assisted numerous medical providers in managing their accounts receivable. MBU is a company devoted to improving outcomes for medical providers and the patients they serve. MBU provides solutions for physicians, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations. MBU strives to enable practitioners to reach their maximum earning potential with respect to operational, financial, and clinical outcomes through a full circle approach.

MBU continues to become the premier strategic operations partner for the healthcare community providing value to our clients and other stakeholders and helping them to improve the health of the communities they serve.

Our office is based entirely on a systematic approach to billing. Our dedicated and professional staff is organized by department. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who in turn has support staff to assist in registration, account follow-ups, appeals, denials, aging, and day to day tasks.


MBU's mission is to be an integral part of our clients’ practices by establishing a solid partnership that, together, will create a successful business venture. Our absolute focus has been to strives for excellence in the industry; allowing our clients freedom from the financial stress of billing and collecting. MBU has been built on dedication, integrity, loyalty, and truth; principles that still hold true today.

Our mission statement continues to pave the way in our everyday business and define the goals of our long term business plan. By becoming an integral extension to our clients’ practices, we establish ourselves as experts in our industry providing them with knowledge, education, and support needed for mutual success.

10 Reasons for choosing us

  • Higher collection rate
  • Reduced overhead
  • Greater office efficiency
  • Maximized reimbursements
  • Always on time filing
  • Greater billing accuracy
  • Seamless, expert service
  • Latest coding updates and billing technology
  • Access to industry secrets
  • Communication and accountability
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MBU is proud to be part of the Dallas County Medical Society! 

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Questions to ask
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    • How long they have been in business?
    • Are they locally owned and operated?
    • Ask if owners are involved in daily operations
    • Ask them about their safeguards from loss of revenue
    • Ask them about their Professional on-going training
    • Ask them about their onsite industry I.T. support
    • Ask them about custom financial reporting and profitability
    • Ask them about their specialty specific training of their billers
    • Ask them about their Certified Coding Audit Support
    • How do they plan to streamline your billing?
    • What is their employee retention rate?
    • Ask them about their Client Care Department
    • Ask them about their Accountability Clause
    • What are their success stories?
    • How many years of experience does the biller have?
    • How will my biller help me increase my revenue?
    • What is the specialty specific training my biller has received?
    • How can my biller manage daily tasks, denials and follow-ups?
    • How can the biller help with the growth of my practice?
    • Ask them about their experience with data analysis and custom financial reporting
    • How am I going to respond to I.T. issues? What can my biller do to minimize downtime?
    • Who is going to be accountable for loss of revenue?
    • How do they plan to streamline my billing process?
    • How does my biller guarantee uninterrupted revenue cycle?
    • How much time will I invest managing the billing?
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